The Passion of Comic Books

There was a long white cardboard box there, and what was in it was the literature the would shape my future. Continue reading The Passion of Comic Books


Four Color T-Shirts NOW AVAILABLE!!

You asked for it, so here they ARE!!! FOUR COLOR EULOGY official T-shirts! These T-shirts were created for some of our donors (those will be shipped soon) and now we are opening them up for anyone who would like to purchase them! The artwork is an original sketch by Jason Contini (writer/actor/comic book creator) and depicts a scene from the film. We are offering a special price … Continue reading Four Color T-Shirts NOW AVAILABLE!!

Four Color Cast Members in Hannibal

Some of the cast of “Four Color Eulogy” are in Hannibal, MO this weekend! “The Road To Retribution” is a cabaret performance starring Taylor Pietz, Jason Contini and Nicholas J Hearne  at the The Bluff City Theater in Hannibal, MO at 4pm and 8pm today! With music arranged and recorded by Justin E. Smolik and Kevin Koehler and emceeed by Clark A. Clarké Cruikshank! “Rawhide”, “Put It There Pal”, a few selections from Bluff City’s … Continue reading Four Color Cast Members in Hannibal

Brilliant, funny, and touching movie

It is thrilling to see the incredible work of so many talented & beloved St. Louis-based actors in this brilliant, funny, and touching movie!!! Congratulations to Jessica Winingham, John Contini, Jason Contini, Zak Farmer, Chuck Brinkley, Whil Reichert, Wyatt Weed, Gayle Gallagher, and the rest of the stellar cast and production crew of Four Color Eulogy!!! Don’t miss this movie – it’s currently showing at … Continue reading Brilliant, funny, and touching movie

A fabulous independent film

Went to the premier of a fabulous independent film, Four Color Eulogy, at Ronnies 20 Cine last night. It’s a local film produced by my old friend Gayle Gallagher and co-written and directed by her fiance Wyatt Weed. It was shot in St. Louis and cast entirely with local theater actors, who all did an incredible job. It is showing at Ronnies all week (ends … Continue reading A fabulous independent film

“Best locally made feature film EVER”

“Four Color Eulogy” is the best locally made feature film EVER, and it’s showing at Ronnies all week. The flawless direction, compelling performances and awesome screenplay will suck you in and genuinely MOVE you, which is pretty rare for any movie these days. If you’ve ever been curious about the St. Louis film scene, it doesn’t get any better than this. – Bill Boll (filmmaker) Continue reading “Best locally made feature film EVER”