On The Set: Episode 1

GYPSIES, TRAMPS & THIEVES:  In preparation for the upcoming theatrical release of FOUR COLOR EULOGY, we want to share with you some of the professionalism (and by that, I mean fun and ridiculousness) that happens on set that doesn’t make it into the film! In ON THE SET with FOUR COLOR EULOGY, we learn that Jessica and Nick are fans of Sonny and Cher!! (c’mon, don’t … Continue reading On The Set: Episode 1

Jon Hey is cast in Four Color Eulogy

We are thrilled that Jon Hey has accepted a role in the upcoming film Four Color Eulogy. A native of St. Louis, Jon is excited to be a part of this, his first film.  A stage actor since childhood, Jon has performed with Take Two Productions, Hawthorne Players, West End Players Guild, Dramatic License Productions, Kirkwood Theatre Guild and Bravo Theatre Group in the St. … Continue reading Jon Hey is cast in Four Color Eulogy

The Secret Origin of FOUR COLOR EULOGY

It is always interesting to find out where ideas come from.  I, personally, am always curious to know what compelled a filmmaker to tell “that” story or how did a writer come to “this” character arc?  So, I am going to share with you where the idea of FOUR COLOR EULOGY came from.  It’s “secret origin”, if you will. Our story begins a few years … Continue reading The Secret Origin of FOUR COLOR EULOGY


FOUR COLOR EULOGY is the new film from Archlight Studios (Legacies End, Khyber) and Pirate Pictures (Shadowland, Guardian of the Realm).  It is a family drama/comedy revolving around the world of comic books and self publishing.  Think SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK meets GARDEN STATE meets CLERKS.  The film follows a young comic collector and aspiring comic book creator, Chris, who has returned to his home in St. … Continue reading What is FOUR COLOR EULOGY?