The band CLOCKWORK stopped by our Fundraising Kickoff Party and chatted with some of our crew and some of our fans. Music by CLOCKWORK will be featured on the soundtrack to Four Color Eulogy, so we were excited to have them at the party!

Not only are they amazingly good, but they are amazingly young!! We invited them to the party, and I had to keep them away from Nick who keeps trying to slip them Scotch!!

While you are reading this short interview, give a listen to some of the music by St. Louis band CLOCKWORK.

Click here to listen:


Abby Stahlschmidt
Love the music. I can’t stop dancing!
Gayle Gallagher
I’m totally diggin’ “Fire”

Jason Contini

Yeah, I like that one too.

Nicholas J Hearne

Can’t keep my feet still!
Jason Contini
Awesome!! Love this group!!

Four Color Eulogy
We are loving the music that is playing right now by CLOCKWORK!
And, we are honored to have two of the band members here at the party with us – the Slone brothers, Jordan and Logan.
Welcome to the party guys!

Jordan Slone
Thanks for having us!!! THIS IS AWESOME!! We are thrilled to be apart of the action here with FCE!

Four Color Eulogy
It’s great to have you guys as part of our “Four Color” family.

I mentioned earlier that you guys are young – can you tell us a little bit about your band. Who are you? How did you get together?

Jordan Slone
We got together because of the Logan’s being best friends since way back in the 2nd grade! They started a punk rock band that got us interested in playing music and then my brother and I started to lead worship for our church out in St. Peters. Clockwork has only been a project for just under 3 years now, but we are taking this on head first and definitely love the feedback from you Guys!

Jason Contini
Sorry to interject into your interview here but I just had to say that I love your sound, guys!
Abby Stahlschmidt
Jason, I have to second that!
Gayle Gallagher
You guys sound a lot older than you are, but the fact that you have been playing for so long would account for the tight sound!! Lovin’ this!!

Jordan Slone
Thank you guys so much! And yes, we are pretty young… But age hasn’t held us back! The two Logan’s have been playing music together since they were in the 7th grade all the way up to now, with them both graduating high school this coming June!

Tony Carroll
Digging it guys!
Bob Greenfield
Awesome music! Love it!

Four Color Eulogy
You guys have been touring quite a bit lately… how has that experience been? Where has it taken you? What is the most fascinating or bizarre thing that has happened while you have been on the road?

Jordan Slone
Logan Mohler jumped onto a moving train in Nashville while we were visiting Jack White’s record label!!! That was pretty awesome!!! Haha he’s our climber…

Gayle Gallagher
I heard from Abby Stahlschmidt that Clockwork recently got a booking agent! Will you be touring a lot more because of that?

Jordan Slone
Thanks Gayle Gallagher! Touring has been great and we are planning a lot of great stuff for the future!! We’ve been all over the Midwest and will be continuing to pound every state we can!
One thing we love about our band is that we are a 3 piece that does our best to sound like a 5 piece band!

AND! Abby is correct!! we were just signed to The Agency Coalition along with Sirmixalot and many other great awesome!The Agency signing will lead to many more clockwork tour dates! So thanks for having us!!!

Four Color Eulogy
Hey Guys!! Thank you so much for stopping by the party!!! We’ll definitely chat more soon and we’ll figure out a way to do a video chat next time!!!

Jordan Slone
Thanks everyone!
Lots of Midwest movement for us guys! For any info on that please visit us at either clockworkmusic.net or Facebook/clockworkstlouis.com 

1 thought on “Just Like CLOCKWORK

  1. Saw Clockwork lastnight at Steve’s hotdogs and I was blown away! Such an awesome group!!!

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