Wehrenberg Theatres to Screen Four Color Eulogy

It is with great pride that we give you the following news: FOUR COLOR EULOGY has been picked up for a one-week theatrical run at the Wehrenberg Ronnies 20 Cine in St. Louis, MO from April 8th to April 14th.

We submitted the film to the Wehrenberg Theatre chain and they made the
decision to screen it here in St. Louis. This will hopefully be the first of several theatrical screenings across the US, and if the first week of screenings at the Ronnies is successful they have the option to hold it over for another week.


We will be having a big Red Carpet Premiere Event, with the cast and crew in attendance, at The Ronnies on April 8th!!

Tickets will be on sale soon and we’ll be sharing details as soon as we know them.

For those of you not in the St. Louis area, please contact your local theater and ask when they will be showing FOUR COLOR EULOGY.

1 thought on “Wehrenberg Theatres to Screen Four Color Eulogy

  1. Yay Great News Congrats

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