Four Color Cast Members in Hannibal

Some of the cast of “Four Color Eulogy” are in Hannibal, MO this weekend! “The Road To Retribution” is a cabaret performance starring Taylor Pietz, Jason Contini and Nicholas J Hearne  at the The Bluff City Theater in Hannibal, MO at 4pm and 8pm today! With music arranged and recorded by Justin E. Smolik and Kevin Koehler and emceeed by Clark A. Clarké Cruikshank! “Rawhide”, “Put It There Pal”, a few selections from Bluff City’s … Continue reading Four Color Cast Members in Hannibal

On The Set: Episode 1

GYPSIES, TRAMPS & THIEVES:  In preparation for the upcoming theatrical release of FOUR COLOR EULOGY, we want to share with you some of the professionalism (and by that, I mean fun and ridiculousness) that happens on set that doesn’t make it into the film! In ON THE SET with FOUR COLOR EULOGY, we learn that Jessica and Nick are fans of Sonny and Cher!! (c’mon, don’t … Continue reading On The Set: Episode 1

HEC TV – “Two On The Aisle”

Taylor Pietz and Jason Contini were featured on the arts program “Two On The Aisle” hosted by Bob Wilcox and Gerry Kowarsky.  “Two On The Aisle” is a program that reviews plays and focuses on local theatre. FOUR COLOR EULOGY features many of the local theatre actors and this interview talks about the actors and the difference of stage and film acting, and working with … Continue reading HEC TV – “Two On The Aisle”