Four Color Cast Members in Hannibal

Some of the cast of “Four Color Eulogy” are in Hannibal, MO this weekend!

“The Road To Retribution” is a cabaret performance starring Taylor PietzJason Contini and Nicholas J Hearne  at the The Bluff City Theater in Hannibal, MO at 4pm and 8pm today! With music arranged and recorded by Justin E. Smolik and Kevin Koehler and emceeed by Clark A. Clarké Cruikshank! “Rawhide”, “Put It There Pal”, a few selections from Bluff City’s 2015 smash hit “Oliver!”, Taylor Pietz’s original single “Color Me” and the world premiere of Pietz’s latest song are just a few of the songs included in this weekend’s show! Get your tickets before they’re gone!


retribution poster

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