A welcome journey of emotions

Last night I got a chance to see a couple of kids I grew up with see their dream to fruition. Four Color Eulogy was an incredible movie. Jason Contini and his dad John, told a story that captured family life in south St. Louis. I loved this movie. I laughed, I cried, I laughed again with tears still in my eyes. Losing my dad to cancer of course made this movie hit even closer to home, and yet when I heard John’s character Rich quoting Twain and waxing poetic, it took me back to those conversations I had with my dad that I cherish so much. The movie for me was a welcome journey of emotions that after two years I am still figuring out how to process to this day.

I think we were going into fourth grade when Nate and his family moved away, but I remember the nights of my early childhood when Sharon was our Cub Scout den leader and we would go over there and I would be so excited to see what awesome super hero John had in progress on his huge easel, or getting to ogle their perfectly cataloged comic book collection. This movie took very nostalgic memories and stirred them up with recent pains and by the end I was a better person for having seen it.

If you remember growing up and entering our neighbors’ houses through the back gate, and seeing kids playing stepball throughout the neighborhood, this movie is going to take you home. These boys did the Dutchtown crowd proud. I implore Raider nation to go see this movie showing at Ronnies 20 at least through next Thursday .

Jason, Nate, John, and the rest of cast and crew, thank you for a genuine experience. It really made me proud to be fortunate enough to grow up with you guys in an environment that inspired such a spiritually whole story.  – Craig A. Kohler (promotional sales)

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