The Secret Origin of FOUR COLOR EULOGY

It is always interesting to find out where ideas come from.  I, personally, am always curious to know what compelled a filmmaker to tell “that” story or how did a writer come to “this” character arc?  So, I am going to share with you where the idea of FOUR COLOR EULOGY came from.  It’s “secret origin”, if you will. Our story begins a few years … Continue reading The Secret Origin of FOUR COLOR EULOGY

5 Faves… Storytellers

Everyone has a list in their heads of their favorite… whatever. Books, films, actors, music, sports, comics; you name it, someone has a Top 10 list. I, too, have such a list. But since I don’t want to come off as an overachiever, I’m only going to share my favorite five. Allow me to welcome you all to the first of my 5 Faves! From … Continue reading 5 Faves… Storytellers