5 Faves… Storytellers

Everyone has a list in their heads of their favorite… whatever. Books, films, actors, music, sports, comics; you name it, someone has a Top 10 list. I, too, have such a list. But since I don’t want to come off as an overachiever, I’m only going to share my favorite five.

Allow me to welcome you all to the first of my 5 Faves! From time to time, I will share who or what I think are just the cats pajamas in the world of…well, everything. For my introductory installment, I give you my five favorite storytellers.

stephen_king hardcover_prop_embed

#5. Stephen King

The Master of Horror! The Wizard of Nightmares! One of the best storytellers around! Stephen King’s body of work speaks for itself. Not only has his novels been praised for their gripping plots and detailed character development, but his story’s have been so creative, they’ve crossed over into several different forms of media. From films (both theatrical and made for television), to comic books (The Stand and The Dark Tower), King’s powers of storytelling knows no bounds. And if you’re not a fan of horror, that’s just fine. King does it all. In my opinion, Stephen King has something that can appeal to all walks of life.



Quentin_Tarantino_Césars_2011 Reservoir_dogs_ver1

#4. Quentin Tarantino

Mr. Tarantino is a man of many talents. Most people know him for the films he has made, but not everyone knows he has more credits for writing than directing. Some of his early writing credits include True Romance and Natural Born Killers, two fantastic films that feel like Tarantino flicks, even though he never spoke the word “Action” on set. His story’s make the characters and his characters make the story’s.  I find his way with dialogue to be the most compelling aspect of Quentin’s appeal. At times almost poetic, it’s hard not to quote lines from his films during every day life.  To me, he may not be one of the modern greats, but he’s on his way.


Jim_Butcher_crop skingame_med

#3. Jim Butcher

Okay, you may ask why I have an author who’s only written sci-fi/fantasy the majority of his career? Where’s the complexity? Where’s the range? To your questions, I simply ask, “Have you ever read the Dresden Files?” For 14 novels, with number 15 coming out this Spring, Mr. Butcher has told the continuing story of one Harry Dresden, private eye and professional wizard. You want storytelling? Butcher has placed Harry in almost every situation possible. And the books keep getting better! Butcher’s ability to keep me, and his other fans, interested in the same character for 14 plus novels is a solid fact why he has a spot on my 5 Faves.


Kevin_Smith Clerks_II

#2. Kevin Smith

If there was ever a human avatar for storytelling, Kevin Smith is it. I’m not just talking about his films. Forget about Clerks, Mallrats and Dogma,   it’s his other work that impresses me. From comic books, live Q and A’s, podcasts and books Smith can’t help but be a storyteller. If you’re not a fan of his films I would suggest picking up copies of “Silent Bob Speaks”, “My Boring Ass Life”, and “Tough Sh*t”. Those are only a few examples of why I have Kevin in such a such spot on my “5 Faves”.  I could go on and on about Kevin Smith but less is more. I recommend you allow the man himself to prove my point.


PeterDavid Sman2099

#1. Peter David

If you want the epitome of storytellers you need look no further than Peter David. This man has had his hands in everything. And I do mean everything. You like comics? Peter David is responsible for the popularity of the mutant group X-Factor, co-created Spider-Man 2099, wrote 44 out of 46 issues of the title and holds the record for longest consecutive writer on Incredible Hulk. How long? Try 12 years with the Jade Giant! Don’t get me started on his prose work, this man can write a novel like no one’s business. From movie adaptations to Star Trek novels Mr. David has influenced an entire generation of geeks with his iconic career. Look him up, give him a try, tell your friends.


And there it is! Those are my 5 Fave Storytellers! Agree? Disagree? Have some of your own? I’m listening…

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