New Comic Wednesday – 12/18/13

New Comic Wednesday

It’s that time again!  Time for the FOUR COLOR EULOGY team to spotlight some of the exciting comics set to come out today!  As usual, we will spotlight a small selection of new comics this week but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t looking forward to other books like THE MASSIVE #18, STAR WARS DAWN OF THE JEDI FORCE WAR #2, BATMAN BEYOND UNIVERSE #5, WONDER WOMAN #26, GHOSTBUSTERS #11, BOUNCE #8, SAGA #17, TEN GRAND #6, SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN #24, X-MEN #8, GRIMM #8 and many more (for a complete list check out ).

vaderSTAR WARS DARTH VADER & CRY OF SHADOWS #1 – During the Clone Wars, a single trooper—left for dead during battle—comes to hate the Jedi generals who abandoned him. Years later, he lives on, bitter and angry, until hearing tales of a great warrior. Now, this clone believes he may have found the leader he should have been following all along . . . Darth Vader!

HARLEY QUINN #1 – Harley is set to begin her new life, but she needs a job first! Enter the Coney Island Roller        harley                 Derby! It’s game time as Harley sets out to destroy her competition—literally!

TMNT-29_Cover-A-674x1024TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES #29 – Recovering from the events of City Fall, the Turtles seek sanctuary in the countryside. They bring with them new questions, tension within the family — and a stowaway! Don’t miss this first issue of the
newest TMNT arc, “Northampton”!

BLACK SCIENCE #2 – Run-amok reality! Grant and his crew escape the madness of the lightning sea-swamp only to be BlackScience_02-1flung into a futurepast trenchworld, where the Sons of the Wakan Tech-Tanka wage never-ending war on the savages of Europe!  How did the Anarchist League of Scientists end up this deep in the onion? Who among them sabotaged the Pillar?

X-MENALL NEW X-MEN #20 – The fallout of X-MEN: BATTLE OF THE ATOM continues!X-23 is back and kissing… WHO IS THE MYSTERY MAN??!

WONDERFUL WORLD OF LISA SIMPSON #1 – Whether she’s extolling the virtues of vegetarianism,lisa simpson raising awareness about the world’s moral and social ills, or simply playing with her Malibu Stacy dolls and dreaming of ponies, Lisa Simpson, the pint-sized, pre-teen progressive, may just be the smartest and savviest citizen in Springfield – and she’s still only in the second-grade!

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