EXTRAS NEEDED for Upcoming Scenes

Would you like to help us out and be IN THE MOVIE ?

We have a couple of dates open where we will be needing extra people for.


This is a BIG scene… this is the funeral mass.  We plan on doing some creative filming where we make it look like even more people by having you bring a couple of changes of clothes with you and we’ll film you in different seats in the church, then, using “movie magic’ stitch it all together.

We have two shifts this day:

Shift 1: 10am – 8pm. We need 10 people to start the day off. This will be close ups of our key characters, but we need some other people in the background of those scenes. FILLED.

Shift 2:  1pm – 8pm.  40 – 60 people to fill the seats in the church.


This is also a BIG scene.  This is a comic book signing where the fans of Jack King show up to get his autograph.  Ultimately, we’d like to have about 50 people for this overnight shoot, but in shifts.

Shift 1: 10pm – 9am.  20 people.  Fans in line for the close ups of “Jack King” during the signing. FILLED

Shift 2: 3am – 9am. 30 people. This is the throngs of people who have shown up for the signing. Some of this will be filmed outside, waiting in line to get into the shop.FILLED

We apologize for these dates being short notice.

Please fill out the form below

or let Gayle (gayle@piratepictures.net) know which day or night (or multiples if you would like) work best for you, and we’ll get you the details of the filming location.

** As an extra in the film, one thing you need to be aware of is that this will be a bit of a time commitment. It is only a one-day (or night) scene, but for continuity, we need people who commit to the day to commit for the whole day – since the camera shoots one angle, then flip around to get a scene from the other angle, if people leave, they will seem to appear and disappear as we cut back and forth between the angles.  This will be about a 10-hour filming day.

** Also, there is a lot of waiting on a film set.  Please bring a book to read, phone/tablet/laptop/etc if you wish (but please note that when we are rolling, all electronic devices will need to be powered off.)

•• If you would like to bring a friend with you to share this experience, please do. It will be a long day, and having someone with you can make the day go more quickly.

•• We wish we could pay everyone who is involved with this project, but because we are a very low budget film, this will be an unpaid role. However, we can offer you a copy of the DVD or a digital download of the film.

THANKS again for your support on this project… it will be fun to have you on set!!!

YES – I want to be an EXTRA in Four Color Eulogy! 


To be included as an extra, please send your email address and phone number to:
or fill out the form above

2 thoughts on “EXTRAS NEEDED for Upcoming Scenes

  1. Hi Gayle & CREW–JUST Found out about Extra opportunity today. I am available 1-8P 7/8 if still needed-Thanks! Traci

    1. Hi Traci – we have a need for extras for next Wednesday, July 16 from 3am-9am. If you are available, please fill out and submit the form above and we’ll send out details.

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