The Passion of Comic Books

Jason Contini’s brother Nate shares some comic book memories: 

I love comic books. And not in the way most people say they love things. Some say they love a certain foods, or a certain store, or even an article of clothing. No, when I say I love comic books, I mean I LOVE comic books. To the point where those colorful characters on the pages are like family to me.

When I was young, I wanna say around 5 or 6, my father sat my older brother and I at our kitchen table. On it was one of the most beautiful thing I had ever seen. There was a long white cardboard box there, and what was in it was the literature the would shape my future. My dad, a lifelong comic book collector, pulled two issues of “Green Lantern” out from his personal collection. Oh how the colors spoke to me!

He turned to me and my brother and said “I’m going to give you guys some of my old comics. Jason you get to pick first, then Nathan, you get the other comic.” What! This was going to be mine! That hot summer day felt like Christmas morning, and Hal Jordan with his green ring from Oa was my Red Rider BB Gun! Then my dad grabbed two more. This time he said “Ok. Nathan, you get to pick first this time.” Another comic! For me! I could barely contain my joy and excitement! This continued until the box was completely empty.

I grab all my comics and ran to my room, jumped onto the top bed of my bunk bed, and began devouring the the pictures. I practically learned to read because of those “Green Lantern” comics. These comics are so special to me, that to this day they still reside in my personal collection. My father didn’t just give me some old comics that he didn’t want. He gave me something that was dear to me. Something that helped me learn to read. I may have received some of the emerald space cop’s stories, but when I look back on it, Hal Jordan was not my hero on that day.



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