The Passion of Comic Books

There was a long white cardboard box there, and what was in it was the literature the would shape my future. Continue reading The Passion of Comic Books


Breaking the (Geek) Mold

As we have said before, Four Color Eulogy is a film about comic geeks… but what is great about it is that we show the Real side of the geeks – not the Hollywood stereotypical, non-social, living-in-your-mother’s-basement type of geek. But real people, with real problems and real lives, who just happen to Love comic books. One thing I am learning as we get further … Continue reading Breaking the (Geek) Mold

Am I a Comic Book Geek?

As the producer of a film that is all about Comic Books and those that love them, I have been spending a lot of time during our pre-production meetings, location scouts, and fundraising efforts with some hardcore comic geeks. The writer and lead actor in “Four Color Eulogy,” Jason Contini, has worked for years in a comic store. Writer and Co-Producer, Nicholas Hearne, is not … Continue reading Am I a Comic Book Geek?

FRIDAY THE 13TH – A Four Color Horror Story

FOUR COLOR EULOGY is about comics and comic book collectors.  But, to me, it is much more about family.  What makes up someone’s family?  What stories do families build for themselves over the years?  And, of course, how comic books connect to family.  Well, in honor of Friday the 13th, I thought I’d share a comic book horror story for you that pertains to my … Continue reading FRIDAY THE 13TH – A Four Color Horror Story


When I grew up, I lived in The Four Color World.  As a kid I was more concerned about whether Spider-man was going to stop Doctor Octopus and Venom this time than whether America was entering Iraq for Operation: Desert Storm.  I was more focused on Marvel’s Secret Wars and DC’s Crisis on Infinite Earths than anything dealing with The Cold War.  The history I focused … Continue reading THE FOUR COLOR WORLD