Breaking the (Geek) Mold

As we have said before, Four Color Eulogy is a film about comic geeks… but what is great about it is that we show the Real side of the geeks – not the Hollywood stereotypical, non-social, living-in-your-mother’s-basement type of geek. But real people, with real problems and real lives, who just happen to Love comic books.

One thing I am learning as we get further into this project is that there are a LOT of these people out there – the non-stereotypical type. Granted, we start talking comic books at a convention and there are the people who when they say “I love comic books” my first reaction is “Of course you do…” because they FIT that stereotype.  But the flip side of that is that as I’ve been talking about this project on Facebook, and we’ve been posting photos of our location scouting, friends I have known for Years have surprised me by posting comments about “Hey, I know that comic shop!  Mark the owner is a Great Guy!” or “Have you checked out the comic shop on the west side of town – I go there all the time!”  Again, these are people I have known for years and I never knew they were Comic Book Geeks (granted, I may have known them as other types of geeks, but their love of comics was new to me!)

These are the people that this film is about… and when you see the film, you will be able to relate to the characters, because they are real people! Let me introduce you to one of them.

Chris Evans is a thirty-something guy who thought he had his life together. He and his long-time girlfriend, Ann, were living in Portland. Chris was working at a magazine making some pretty good money, enjoying his life.  He has dreams of someday creating his own comic book, so working in the publishing industry is moving him in the right direction. One day, Chris gets the phone call that his mom is very sick and he has to pack up his life and all of his plans and move back home to the midwest to take care of her.

Now home, the issues of real life hit – what are his plans now?  where will he work? what has just become of the life he has built for the past ten years in Portland?

See?  Real people, real life issues… and comic books…!

That is what I love about this project. The people in it are so real and not caricatures of themselves.

I will introduce you to more of the characters next week!

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