Nicholas J. Hearne

Producer/Writer/Actor (Brian)

Nick is a writer and actor living Nicholas J. Hearne - Brianin St. Louis, MO. Nick grew up in St. Louis, but at the age of 14, Nick’s family moved to a small town in Southern Missouri called Piedmont. During this time, Nick discovered a passion for acting by competing on the school speech team and began acting in such plays as YOU CAN’T TAKE IT WITH YOU (as Grandpa), TURMOILS IN TUCSON (as Tom Trueheart), AN EVENING OF EDGAR ALLEN POE (Actor #1), and LONG LIVE ROCK N ROLL (as King Kenny Kool). Nick moved back to St. Louis in 2000 with his grandma Wilma and began training and studying his craft as a writer primarily focusing on screenplays and comic books.


nickIn 2002 Nick returned to the stage in a production of GODSPELL (as Nick the Apostle) as well as such films as KILLERS BY NATURE, and FALLEN SKYES. Currently he is working with his long time friend and collaborator Jason Contini on both a comic book series titled LEGACIES END as well as TUXEDO CITY with longtime collaborator Nathan Ohlendorf.



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