Wyatt Weed



wyattSome of Wyatt Weed’s earliest memories are of the movies. He vividly remembers seeing 2001: A SPACE ODESSEY at age 4 and shortly thereafter turning the living room floor into a moon base. Although his parents indulged him in drawing, sculpture, and photography
classes, it was the release of “Star Wars” that inspired Wyatt to pick up a Super 8 mm film camera. Soon after, an obsession was born.

Moving from his hometown of Springfield, Illinois to St. Louis in 1980, Weed attended Webster University for film production, Meramec College for still photography, and Southern Illinois University for acting. He dabbled in American Cablevision’s “public access” opportunities, introducing him to the growing field of video as well as live television. After a string of short film and video projects, Wyatt landed his first professional film job in 1986 on the St. Louis portion of the Taylor Hackford-directed HAIL, HAIL, ROCK AND ROLL.

WyattLonging for bigger and better opportunities, Wyatt took the trek west to Los Angeles in 1988 and soon found himself working as a jack of all trades in a variety of television shows and feature films, including FLIGHT OF THE INTRUDER, STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, PREDATOR 2, STAR TREK: VOYAGER, LORD OF ILLUSIONS, JAY-JAY THE JET PLANE, MUPPETS FROM SPACE, MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 2, and RED PLANET. Wyatt soon moved from building miniatures and art department work into second unit directing and visual effect supervision on the features KUNG FU RASCALS, GUYVER: DARK HERO, and DRIVE. He also directed STAR RUNNERS, a science fiction television pilot. The pilot was purchased by Universal but unfortunately was never aired.

Wyatt met fellow filmmaker Robert Clark while working on long-time friend Ted Smith’s GUARDIAN OF THE REALM, and joined Pirate Pictures after the completion of that feature. In 2006 he returned to St. Louis permanently, writing and directing short films, music videos, and the award-winning 48 Hour Film Projects BAG OF TRICKS and LOVE BYTES, all in preparation for making his directorial debut, SHADOWLAND.

It was on SHADOWLAND that Wyatt met Jason Contini.


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